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My love for boxers started 19 years ago when I  purchased my first one. Her name was Mandy. She taught me that dogs weren't just animals, that they truly can be your "best friend." She was mine and she will be forever missed. She showed me that the boxer breed was one that I could fall in love with.  Over the years I have had several boxers and decided to do some breeding with them. My purpose and goal in breeding them is to provide healthy top quality AKC boxers with a loving temperament. All of my boxers are  "family members". They get lots of  one on one attention on a daily basis. I only raise a few puppies at a time so that I am able to give them the one on one atttention that they need, also, so they will be ready for their new loving homes. For me, purchasing a boxer was one of the best decisions I ever made. 
This website is dedicated to my "forever" friend Mandy.
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